Anarcho Retardist Terror Exhibit • Part of the AmRep Showcase in Austin 3/17/11 Hammerhead resurrect and commission Retardism art movement stalwart HAZE XXL to hand make their first record release in over a decade. These 12' x 12" lithocut, hand printed and assembled, 100 sleeves all have the needed blemishes, wrinkles and imperfections to meet stringent retardist code. 50 of these were on exhibit for the Texas show.

Cross Dressing Vegas Hitler
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Drill Instructor Love

Bat To A Gun Party
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TSA Gang Grope

Faces of Death Monkey

Post Mordem Ejaculation
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Bob's Muse
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The Process of Cleansing
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Neanderthal Master Race


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Test Pressing
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featuring Komrade Kommunist Skuid!
Poster for the event