H•O•F - F.T.W
Some sorta twisted phoenix from the ashes of Halo Of Flies. 2 out of 3 original members being John Anglim, and Tom Hazelmyer (a.k.a. HAZE XXL) are joined by Paddy Costello (Dillinger 4/Arrivals). Includes CD with 7" songs and a bonus track. Byron Coley wrote "the real revelation is the new one by a more-or-less reformulated Halo of Flies. H.O.F.'s "FTW/Maggot Is" includes two of the original three members, and is a fully face-smashing reinvigoration of the Halo's massive grunge ethos. They sound like they never left, actually - this is crippling, full-throttle guitar rip with a new art-stutter present and a genius you'd have to be a half-pint to deny. Yikes."
Seven Inch: Sold out.
MP3's: F.T.W.
Eat My Gun (Chamber The Round)
Maggot Is...