A Purge of Dissidents v.3
featuring Grant Hart & King Buzzo
A Purge of Dissidents was a long running collaboration between HAZE XXL (soundtrack/design) and artist DALEK (art/animation). It culminated in gallerying showings worldwide, and screened as an opener for a 2007 Melvins tour. Being a soundtrack, all the music was pretty much instrumentals only, but after the Book/DVD/CD version was released on Ipecac, some of the music was given to various friends to have them do vocals on the material. A short series of small edition singles were the result. Volume 3 (V.3), features Grant Hart (Hüsker Dü) on vocals for 2 songs and King Buzzo (Melvins) on 2 songs. Music by HAZE XXL.
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MP3's: Birthday Fuck (Buzzo)
Detroit Insect Eye (Buzzo)
Hirohata Anime TV Series (Hart)

(Birthday Fuck)