H•O•F - Gay Witch Abortion Sessions EP
Amazing Minneapolis duo GAY WITCH ABORTION team up with HAZE XXL. Goodness & weirdness abound. 7 solid tracks, and then turned into a bizarre release. 100 ONLY (no other CD pressing will happen). These were shown as the HAZE XXL - 100 Disciples exhibit and are all hand painted, penciled, stenciled, stamped, glued, varnished, collage action sleeves. Porn, currency, commie stamps - and wait there's more. I tracked down 100 Polaroids and shot 'em all of the band, in our St. Paddy day attire (orange jumpsuits, bowlers and AR-15's, bats, machete's etc.) You can pick your own sleeve HERE. Yeah, they're pricey, but you can always get the download cheap eh.


Limited Edition CD: View Available ($70)
MP3's: All 7 tracks ($5)