White Drugs - Gold Magic

AmRep loves this band. It's been too long since anyone has tackled precision rifferage with such reckless abandon. Lips bloodied as a result of some offense imagined or real.

Sweat has never poured so effortlessly.

Denton, Texas is the cave these fuckers call home. Singer songwriter puh-lease. Exterminate yr dead-end trend. Stop being a person and become a man.

BONUS CONTENT: Gold Magic is available on vinyl only, but inside the sleeve, you'll find a secret code to download MP3's of all tracks on the album. Vinyl and MP3's from the internet? It's a generational clusterfuck of the very best kind.

Find more WHITE DRUGS info at their CIA manned website .

SIDE A: Saddle Pains , Unmaker, Black Wizard Gloaming, Gold Power, Drug Submarine
SIDE B: Hi-Way To Haiti, Blood Is Up, Untitled, Denoument, Indiana, Love Coma, Money Is The Future

Vinyl: Buy it from shopHAZE ($15)
MP3's: (none for sale individually, but all are free with the album)

(lo-fi, thirty second sample)